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Hi, I am a new doula and I have a mom who is due in a couple of weeks. She has just been told by her midwife that the baby is slightly transverse. Does anyone have any ideas that I could share with this mom on how to help the baby into position? Her midwife and I have told her to do a lot of squatting and lunging. She also has a birth ball to use. I really appreciate any feedback!!! Thanks, Denice

-- denice jentlie (, July 01, 1999


It sounds like you've given her wonderful information. All I would add is have her do pelvic rocks when her baby is active. That will help to give the little one plenty of room to move into an optimal position.

It's also good to refrain from reclining in chairs- choose straight back chairs or sit on the floor. When you sit back you are encouraging your baby to lie with his/her back next to yours- back labor wouldn't be nice either..

Also, if she has a few weeks left it probably isn't anything to worry about anyway. The mom needs to know not to worry about it too much. Even if she went into labor with her baby in a strange position the contractions, squatting, lunging, walking and hands and knees will help to get the baby positioned optimally.

Hope it's a wonderful birth!! Kirsten

-- Kirsten Gerrish (, July 08, 1999.

I am due in 4 weeks and my baby is transverse. I have been using Moxibustion treatments and pelvic tilts as well as doing flips in a swimming pool. You can get information about Moxibustion from an acupunturist. It has been in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) as a treatment to turn breech and transverse babies 75% of the time. Here is a link that tells about it: cf=0. I have been doing pelvic tilts where I have pillows under me, raising my pelvis about 15 inches off the floor. I also place a cold pack where the babies head is and a warm pack on my pelvis. I have also placed headphones piping in music into my pubic area. This is supposed to make the baby want to hear the music better and turn his head that way. All of these suggestions were given to me by my midwife. One thing that she did suggest to me that was also suggested by my Yoga instructor is to NOT do any more squats until the baby turns. I have been squatting on a regular basis and although this is a good thing to do, it apparantly reinforces the position that the baby is in and encourages engagement. One other position that my yoga instructor told me about is a knee to chest position where my rear end is up in the air but my chest is on the floor. I have only just started to try this one. I have been trying for over a week to turn my baby with all of these "tricks" and he still hasn't turned, but these are the "classic" positions for turning a transverse or breech baby. He is moving more now than ever so I know I at least have his attention. I hope everything works out for your expectant mom. Good luck!

-- Christa (, September 02, 2001.

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