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Hi, I just acquired a camera I know absolutely nothing about and was hoping some one could provide some info. The info that came with is: Baco Brand Camera, Hollywood CA Model DPV. Serial #D1460. It came with a Wollensak (Rochester) 91/2 lens, Series II, #457217. I bought this because it was very cheap, but wasn't able to speak with the buyer (yes, over an auction on the net). What format is it? Was the company reputuable? History? If the lens is in good shape, is it likely to be very sharp? I'm hoping to use it until I can afford something better. Thanks for any info, or as they say here, cheers, Mike

-- Michael Fuller (, July 01, 1999


I have a bunch of Baco sheet film holders, and this is all I know about them: "Baco also made an all-metal small press camera. They were active in the period from the end of WW-2 to the mid 1950's, I don't have much detail about the company. There were a great many start-up companies right after WW-2 which did not survive long for many reasons."

The Baco holders have held up better than others I have from the same period BTW, so if thats any indication of the companie's quality then they werent bad.

-- Wayne (, March 31, 2000.

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