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I'm looking at Campmor's site and I see that they have the Pangaea "Atlantic" pack on sale for $119:

In your pack guide, you mention that the "extra large" version of this bag is too large to use as a carry-on. Campmor only refers to medium and large, and they're not real clear on dimensions. Am I reasonably safe planning to be able to use the medium Atlantic as a carry-on for a transatlantic flight? Does anyone have specific dimensions on this model?

Thanks for any help you can offer...

-- Gina Shaw (, July 01, 1999


Hi Gina;

You can give Campmor a call, and have them give you the actual dimensions. By the way, my July issue (coming out this weekend) has an article about carry-on hassles in overseas travel. You might want to think twice about *ANY* carry-on pack that is marginally acceptable in domestic flights. The author of this article had problems with her wheeled upright, which was ONLY 18 inches long!! [Her problem was that she stuffed it as fat as it could be.] Check your airlines web site carefully for carry-on restriction information, and take the absolute minumum.

As for the dimensions, Campmor lists the medium pack at 2,400 cubic inches. Deducing some standard figures, it'll probably be something like 21 x 14 x 8, but I can't guarantee it. Keep in mind this is the size WITHOUT the zip-off daypack. If you are traveling overseas, do NOT stuff your daypack. Empty the daypack, zip it off, and put it in your main pack. Many airlines adhere strictly to the "one carry-on only" policy, and your insistence that the daypack is a purse may very well fall on deaf ears.

Happy travels!


-- Baglady Lani (, July 01, 1999.

If you haven't already purchased it. Sierra Trading Post has it as of September 1999 in olive/black for $59.

-- Val (, September 22, 1999.

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