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I have been lurking here since Feb and have noticed the increase of volume beginning to cramp my browsing style... more people are reading this site and it is getting harder to get in as the day goes on... impossible on the weekends sometimes... so... assuming the server isn't going to keep increasing capacity forever, there will probably come a time in the near future when none of us can get in and roam around as quickly as we would like.

I am wondering if a self-imposed rationing system would help when things get bad... sort of like the western states use when water is scarce... you water your lawn on odd or even days depending on your street address...

so... making a short story long... how about a contingency plan for checking in fewer times and only on your "days" ... if your street address is an odd number...check in on odd days...

This is just a suggestion... those with more brains welcome to run with it...

-- weasel (, July 01, 1999


Definitely too much regulation for me. I don't mind waiting to log on once in a while. I'm glad this site is getting so much traffic. Its a good sign. It actually kinda cheers me up when I try to log on and can't.

-- R (, July 01, 1999.

Same here.

-- Daryll (, July 01, 1999.


you could volunteer to not hang anymore and that would open up at least one slot. just a thought.

see ya.

-- corrine l (, July 01, 1999.

I have found that Netscape will let me in sometimes when Explorer will not. Also, try bookmarking a thread and accessing the forum by way of that thread rather than directly. Mainly, have other things to do on your computer so a delay in accessing this forum is no big deal.

-- Gus (, July 01, 1999.

The forum is busy. I suspect that as we speak, the sysop folks are installing some new nuclear powered engines.

Pardon me, weasel, for getting off topic and piggybacking your suggestion with a suggestion regarding the number of threads.

I've watched the debate about this over the past months. But for my money, I'd like to see the moderators delete asinine attack threads such as the one (actually two) yesterday "My Undying Love" instigated by the ever-fetching corrine. If the moderators are accused of using iron-boot tactics, well, their only answer should be "damn right." There ARE times to fight fire with enhanced radiation. (And with their new nuclear-power engines, they'll have radiation to spare.) I'd like to see the moderators have the same tolerance toward psychoidiotic thread topics that the net community and most ISPs have for spam.

I have many serious (albeit offbeat) questions I would like to ask, but we, the pedestrian population, are asked to respect how busy this forum has become and search the archives before posing a question. So instead of starting a thread and posing my questions, I laboriously and timesakingly search the archives, thread by thread. I'm sure there are many many others who do the same.

And yet threads like corrine's are tolerated?


-- IPQ (, July 01, 1999.



Yep. A good veedvacker would do.


-- IDQ (, July 02, 1999.

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