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I am see..I feel "disconnected" from the Aeon world...I would like to discuss upcoming events and such....and I need a "freind" or "friends" to do this please *big,glossy eyes* help to me..e-mail me....

-- Emily (, July 01, 1999


hi! *waves* i'll chat, i do icq and aim, iv'e been looking for someone to talk with about ms. flux. (okay did ANY of that sentance make sence?)

-- ivyvannith (, July 01, 1999.

Why don't you both head over to the regular Aeon Flux meeting in the Yahoo forum every Sunday at 10PM BST (GMT +1). om/clubs/aeonfluxforum

-- Philip Mills (, July 03, 1999.

I'll be willing to chat with ya! Just e-mail me and we can meet up in a chat room or something! Take care!

-- Aeon Flux (, January 08, 2000.

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