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A friend sent this to me today...I believe from Y2KNewswire....

"Newswire has published in their subscribers newsletter that CBS will be airing a 4 part expose on the gov. coverup on y2k. This is to be in early July timeframe. Get the holes in your preparations filled now. The First show is informational, the second one, is about the coverup, the third will be about different parts of the economy. After the TV airing is done 15 cable companys are scheduled to run it. the impact of this thing just might start the PANIC"

Get your preps in high gear or you will be trampled by the stampeding herd!

-- Mumsie (, June 30, 1999


Interesting if this turns out to be true.

But I remain skeptical that any such program would have much effect at this point. People will simply do what they've always done with the mounting evidence - shrug their shoulders and go on with living.

Sometimes I think all the major networks could come on and say "an asteroid will destroy the planet tomorrow" and people would simply shrug their shoulders and go on living. Maybe I jaded by all this?

I could certainly be wrong, but still feel that it will take a very real event to move any large segment of our population at this point. I won't even speculate on the precise nature of such an event but would need to be something that is either high profile or directly impacts a large number of people.

-- Arnie Rimmer (, June 30, 1999.

That must be the "awakening event in 2-3 weeks" that they want you to pay $150 to learn on the members only part of their web site...

-- a (a@a.a), June 30, 1999.

Hey Arnie--

I have to unfortunately agree from the overall response I've gotten

from those I have attempted to *ease* into GI. As I haven't had a

chance to read through Y2K Disconnect threads yet, I can only imagine

the mirror image it will reflect on my personal experiences.

A good phone score yesterday though. I talked to a number of pump

experts, and well drillers, about drawing water from wells without

primary electricity (120v or 240v). I could get no help on the

problem of overcoming vacuum limits. But I did get a ear full from

almost every person I talked to about people preparing for power

failures stemming from Y2K!! COOOOLLL HUH? There are a lot of folks

doing things in preparation, but quietly. Not like here huh? (;^}`

Side note- I have figured it out though, and will share it with you as

soon as I make a working model and do some testing. I couldn't come

close to mother natures design. But it should(will) work.

Mechanically, it has no fail points, only the details of manufacture.

As always, helpful suggestions welcome and no charge for the plan.

(when available)


-- Michael (, June 30, 1999.


OK. Let's say they inform JQP that there is a coverup. 15 cable companies pick it up. People start to shop hard at their locale. Cable news starts doing follow ups on the effects of the initial programs, and show interviews. People start to pull out of the stock market. Local news starts to pick it up. More people are shopping and getting out of the market. Now its on all the networks, with the Gov saying "please be cool about this people, just a storm, you know?" Now people are pulling their money out of the bank. People see this on the news also. Too late now the herd is awake and there ain't any songs they know to bring them back. Then the movie is released and it is TEOTWAWKI. And not one single computer has failed because it's only October. The American economy crashes. The rest of the world falls with them. The truly wealthy buy out most of the stocks at dirt cheap prices. People like Solos in Europe become world running conglomorites. (uh oh here comes the black helicopter bit). Most Governments take military control of their populaces. stop it, sTOp iT, STOP IT!

na. can't happen here.

-- R. Wright (, July 01, 1999.

Y2KNEWSWIRE has recently learned that a well-respected documentary producer has just completed work on two parts of a four-part Y2K series. This documentary series, we are told, will air on a major television network in the coming weeks. Which network? CBS. While we do not have the airdate, we spoke with the producer today who informed us that the distributor of the documentary is in the final stages of negotiation with CBS for the time slot. It may slip to July, perhaps even several weeks into July. But it is coming soon. The first part of this documentary, entitled, "Y2K: A world in crisis?" is fairly mild. It introduces people to Y2K: the concept, a summary of the potential problems, etc. This may or may not get through to people. But the second part, (title as of yet unknown) covers the Y2K cover- up. It calls into question the claims by the federal government that Y2K has been solved. Y2KNEWSWIRE has learned that this second part was just recently wrapped up and sent to the distributor.

The third part of this documentary series will cover various sectors of the economy.

By the way, this series, after debuting on CBS and reaching over 150 major television market, then moves to cable. Fifteen cable channels are reported to be lined up for this. That means the documentary will be reaching tens of millions of American households.

THE IMPACT Remember, Y2K has for the most part been an Internet phenomenon. That means people who aren't on the 'net are getting nothing but the spin: the govt. version of Y2K. They're out of the loop. But this television documentary may be their first opportunity to see the spin challenged. This may force a lot of people to finally question the validity of the promises now being offered by the White House, big business and federal agencies. It may create just a bit of suspicion in the "official" explanation and encourage them to take action.

Should this happen on any kind of widespread scale, the rush to purchase preparedness supplies will be on. In this scenario, you will no longer be able to easily buy the items you need. As a result, it is important that you get what you need right now.

Beyond that, this is about the very real potential for a major shift in public perception on the Y2K issue. Should this documentary get through to people, it could easily counter all the spin now being put out by the federal government.

Watch for the CBS listing, and make sure you tune in. Remember, the first show is nothing explosive, but the second begins to wake people up. The third part gets even more interesting. We do not yet have the details of what's planned for the fourth part, but we will be sure to bring you that information when it becomes available.

-- this was (posted@several.days ago), July 01, 1999.

I have no idea if any of the above is true. But CBS was at a local community preparedness meeting, which I attended, in Ashland, Oregon last night.

Show will be aired Sunday, July 18th - CBS Morning News with Charles Osgood. They've been filming around the area for a week. The meeting I was at will only be a small portion of the entire segment/show ... according to CBS.

Definitely nothing inflamatory at the meeting.

If you see a brunette with a red/blue/yellow/green plaid shirt. It's me. Photographer took close-ups of four of us in back two rows. Most likely I'll be edited out. But still was pretty exciting to have CBS there.

-- Cheryl (, July 01, 1999.

Does anyone know if this is the big event that will awaken people from Y2knewswire? I would like to know. The story can only be read by members. Anyone a member?

-- Linda A. (, July 01, 1999.

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