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An important part of Y2K preparation is dealing with uncertainty. We do not like uncertainty. Human Nature. Yet we live our lives going from uncertainty to uncertainty. Keys in dealing with uncertainty are flexibility and adaptability. It is important to be able to respond well to changes since, ironically, it is change itself that remains certain. It always has been, and always will be. Life is not static, with or without Y2K.

How can we best deal with uncertainty? First, try to accept uncertainty, hard as it may be to do this. Realize that it is possible to identify ahead of time, some, but not all, of the different changes we may be faced with, by thinking, using our imagination, and visualizing various potential outcomes. This costs nothing but thinking time, which will be well spent if you can identify some possible things to prepare for that you hadnt previously considered, and this will increase your flexibility and adaptability.

It is prudent to think through what to do should a part of your Y2K plan need to change. Do this ahead of time by playing what if and prepare your response depending on how likely you think the outcome is. Ask yourself not only about the probability of a given outcome, but also about the associated risks and stakes involved. This will lead you to becoming more flexible, and better able to adapt to changing situations.

Prepare for uncertainty as best you can, according to your expectations and means. Stay tuned with what is happening on the Y2K front and adjust accordingly. Think through various what if outcomes. An unexpected situation wont be unexpected anymore if you have thought about it ahead of time. A little thought now can go a long way later.

-- Rob Michaels (, June 30, 1999


a virtual treasure trove of level-headed direction. a find for those late to the game. a true community service to the weary and the weak, the quick and the dead.

heartfelt thanks robert

-- corrine l (, June 30, 1999.

To the top for the newbies.

-- Rob Michaels (, July 01, 1999.

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