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I tried to burn my own VCD using NTI CD Maker Pro with my burner, and it seemed to work. I used XingMpeg Encoder to encode the MPEGS, CD Maker Pro read each MPEG and wrote the CD and it looks good. All the directories are there, however, I can't play it in anything. I've tried using XingMpeg Player but it won't read the CD. Any ideas? Thanks!

-- Ami Barzelay (murielfemale@hotmail.com), June 30, 1999


You probably didn't make a VCD but just a data CD containing all the files. On a VCD, everything except the movie file(s), like the CD-I applications, must be stored in one track, and the movie files in other tracks. A typical VCD has 2 tracks, 1 applications/files and 1 movie. The easiest way to see how many tracks a VCD has is to put it into a normal audio CD-player. If your VCD has just one track, it cannot work properly. To burn a correct VCD, you must use a program that has an option to burn VCDs, like Easy CD Creator or WinOnCD.

-- Jeroen van Kempen (JvanKempen@gmx.net), July 02, 1999.

Make sure that "pack audio null bytes" in the Zing encoder is NOT CHECKED.!!!! I had the same headach for about 3 weeks before I tracked that one down! ever since, I have had no problems with Zing and NTI

-- Phillip Proctor (bearpawz@bearcave.org), October 10, 1999.

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