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I met last week with individuals from both non-profit and government agencies in Boston, Massachusetts. I also had a chance to visit with the Baltimore City Police Department to see how they collaborate with other law enforcement agencies.

Wouldn't it be useful to local communities if law enforcement agencies shared resources in a "virtual" workplace? Might there be opportunities to better connect citizens to the efforts of government and non-profit groups? Could we facilitate different communities facing similar problems working to find solutions? And could we measure progress so that we channel efforts toward achieving outcomes?

I guess my biggest question is whether there are communities where some or all of this is happening right now?

-- Michael Berney (, June 30, 1999


Is there a consistant way to communicate with Law enforcement via the Internet, and I mean at the local level? How bout there in Baltimore, is there a BPD home page where community members can send messages to the PD, as well as find PD related public service messages?

-- Dick Griffin (, July 09, 1999.

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