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Hi there i have downloaded some .asf files for films. How do i convert these to VCDs ?

thanx for any replies


-- Desmond (, June 30, 1999


You can't unless you are willing to spend a lot of money and time.

-- The Lone Ranger (, July 03, 1999.


-- §ut (§, November 25, 2000.

go to www.vcchelper/com and follow the tools link to Virtual Dub. Download the 1.3 version. (It's freeware) This version allows you to convert from .asf to avi. (YOU DON'T WANT THE 1.4 VERSION. Microsoft made him make the newer versions WITHOUT .asf support.) Once you have converted it to .avi, use tmpgenc to make it into an mpeg 1 compliant vcd. than burn it into a vcd with nero burning rom (or other suitable vcd burning software.) Tmpgenc can also be downloaded from the tools section at's freeware as well) So the only thing needed is LOTS OF TIME and HARD DISK space. Instructions for using the above software can also be found at

-- PkA' (, November 26, 2000.

I tried downloading the virtual hub 1.3 version but it couldnt open the asf files giving errors like data chunk not found or too many segments , etc..

Pls let me know how i can convert my asf to mgp format.. i have recorded the asf files using asfrecorder software

-- amit padhye (, April 27, 2001.

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