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I have just recently began weightlifting. I am 130 lbs and 5'11" with 4% bodyfat. I desperately need to gain weight!! I have consulted with a friend who is a nutritionist at a local hospital, and he assures me that I am doing the right things...I am on a diet that requires me to eat AT LEAST 130 grams of protien a day and 260 grams of carbohydrates...I try to exceed these goals, but my appetite sometimes won't allow me to! I work each muscle group twice a week and do about two hours of cardio exercising (bike/treadmill, etc.) every week. Am I trying to do this naturally, so I am using no supplements...just the occasional shake or bar to supplement a meal...am I on the right track?

-- Tony Hodson (ash998@hotmail.com), June 29, 1999


I'm not knocking cardiovascular training in general, but given your objectives and your already low bodyweight and bodyfat, you should cut out the 2 hours of cardio. Just enough to get warmed up prior to weight training should be sufficient. Lift heavy, maybe 6-9 reps per set for most exercizes. Eat ASAP following training. I think this will help. Good luck.

-- Joe Michal (joensnowy@aol.com), July 01, 1999.

i'de say that knocking out cardio all together is bad. you should do enough for a warm up and a cool down (5-8 min. before and after the work out at about 75% of you heart rate max). stick to working out each muscle group once weekly. 10-12 sets "total" large muscle goups (legs,chest,back), 6-8 sets small muscle groups (biceps,triceps,traps), 3-6 sets misc. groups (abs, calves, lower back.). figure out how many caloriesa you are taking in on a daily basis and exceed then by 200 to 1000 daily. email me back if you have any questions, im a personal trainer in southern ca. NASM,ISSA,APEX certified.

-- Geoffrey Miller (littlearnold@homail.com), July 01, 1999.

I agree with Geoffrey Miller's answer. And please don't beat up on yourself with labels like "weak" and "pathetic"! Instead, give yourself credit for your hard work, self-discipline, and willingness to learn! These attributes will serve you well in every facet of your life.

-- bj moose (wordsmyth@rocketmail.com), September 23, 1999.

Dont beat yourself up like that.I think you shouldlay off the cardio to zero.No cardio is needed for you if your bodyfat is that low.Train each bodypart once a week with basic movements.Isuggest working out 3 times a week.MON-Chest,shoulders,triceps WED-Back,biceps FRI-Legs This routine gives each muscle group enough time to recover and grow because when you work one muscle you have to work the other on the same day.As you add more muscle add more calories,since the more muscle you have,the more calories you will burn.Always eat a high carb and protein meal right after training.Good luck.

-- CENSEE (CENSEE 1@AOL.COM), December 28, 1999.

i agree with CENSEE on the cardio all i have ever done to warm up is just a few sets at low weight to strech out.One thing no one has seemed to mentioned so far(and i am a BIG believer in this) is keep a journal daily of what you ate when you ate and what your workout was.A written record is the best way to figure out what your doing right and wrong. Also remember to lift HARD.No matter how perfect your diet is and what supplements you take if you don't bust your ass in the gymn you will never get anywhere.

-- just me (justme@aol.com), January 28, 2000.

It is not a good idea to not do cardio. Cardio is essential to good health and fitness. Remember, your heart is the most important muscle in your body. Who wants to be some great big meathead that couldn't even run down to his local bus stop! Seriously though, as long as you don't go overboard on cardio ( i.e 2 hours a day or something ... ever see marathon runners ... jeez they look bad! ) ... keep it to say 30 mins flat out 3 - 4 times a week, this amount will gradually build you up to peak fitness and at the same time is quite conductive to building muscle or getting huge or whatever it is you wanna do!

-- Jason White (aussie_guy_jason@yahoo.com.au), January 11, 2002.

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