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The compiler GPFs whenever I attempt to compile any .cc file. I am using Windows 98 and I have replaced the Djgpp.lnk file from the disk. MSDOS mode does not work either.

I have also included this in my autoexec.bat.

set djgpptmp=c: set djgpprun=c: set DJGPP=%djgpprun%\DJGPP\DJGPP.ENV set PATH=%djgpprun%\DJGPP\BIN;%PATH% call setdjgpp %djgpprun%\djgpp %djgpprun%/djgpp

The lines after I start the compiler read:

cd ..\code call mknorm basic05 gcc -o basic05.o -c -I. -g -pedantic-errors -Wparentheses

Exiting due to signal SIGSEGV General Protection Fault at eip=000324b7 And the registers...

Did something go wrong when I installed the compiler?

-- Martin Smith (, June 29, 1999

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