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Hello everyone,

I have a question about using the Macro tube for Konica camera. Because of the tube the aperture is not autmaticaly set. How do I choose the correct one ? Do U first check the indication with full aperture, and then put it to the stop indicated by the lightmeter ? The tube is used with a FT-1.

Any help will be appriciated,

With kind regards,

Martin Bergink

-- Anonymous, June 29, 1999


Extension tubes

Dear Martin

Users with a manual may correct me, but this is how I see it:

You cannot take readings as you suggest as the light measured will depend on the max aperture of the lens. On my T3 there is an idication just above f1.4 and the technique described in its manual is closing down the aperture untill the needle points to that mark. The FT-1 does not have such a mark (and I do not have a manual for my FT-1. Experimentation tells me that closing down the aperture until you get a reading of f2.0 does it. That is experimentation com paring readings of the T3 with the FT-1, not shooting film. You should do the latter. Or you should exploit the fact that Konoca's excellent 55 mm macro with an automatic extension tube sells very cheap for example at e-Bay ( It goes to 1:2 without the extension tube and to 1:1 with it.


-- Anonymous, July 05, 1999

FT-1 stop-down metering

According to the manual, you should stop down until the "LED of f/1.0 (intermediate point between M and f/1.4) lights up." Other than that your description is correct. Note that the camera is particularly sensitive to stray light entering the eyepiece in this mode.

Best, Steve

-- Anonymous, July 06, 1999

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