Exactly how DO I use VCDs?

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I have "REAL PLAYER" which says it'll play videos and I have "Quick Time for Windows", and I installed the "Direct X Run Time" from Microsoft, but it still won't play my Vcd's. WHY? Can someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! I'M DESPERATE!!!!!!!!

(Sorry but I temporarily forgot my e-mail address and typed in only half of it before, so if this is the 2nd time reading the exact same question, well....sorry for the inconvenience. BUT I'M STILL DESPERATE!!!!!!)

-- Mayumi (moosey_rocks@hotmail.com), June 29, 1999


If you are cheap, you can use Windows Media Player(a free movie player) to view the discs. Just Open The CD-Rom and Bouble-Click on the MPEGAV folder then double-click on the AVSeg01.dat or Music01.dat file. If you want to prevent this you can buy Xing MPEGPlayer at $30.00 and when you get it, just click File then Open Video CD. For a better solution pay $45.00 for PowerDVD(which does not need a DVD-Rom unless you want to view DVD movies). With PowerDVD you insert the disc and click the play button. Real Player does not play VideoCDs and Quicktime only plays them when installed on a Mac

-- The Lone Ranger (rutger_s@hotmail.com), June 29, 1999.

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