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Dear Sir,

A very warm greeting to you and your esteem organization.

According to the above matter, i would to request some photos from your organization which will be useful to me. I needed photos of Happy Valley, Village Road in Hong kong area.Because I am looking an apartment over there. The photos will be useful by giving me some idea the scene of the place.

My home address is as the following:

VPB-8H, Vista Perdana, Jalan Perdana 2/1, Pandan Perdana, 55300, K.L. Malaysia.

Thank you for your cooperation.

-- Yenny Khoong (, June 29, 1999


hi, my name is waqas i'm from uk. well i used to live i9n hong kong but i miss hong kong very much well here i want to some pic!!!!!!111plzzz thnka alot's

-- WAQAS BASHIR (, December 09, 1999.

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