U.N., Army dismiss rumors about blue signs

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These is a lot of talk at the 2000 and You forum concerning the little blue signs. I heard about them first at the North site. Evidently, they are popping up all over the US.

A reporter at the Nashville Tennessean tracked down the what and whys of the blue signs.

Seems they are perfectly legit. They are there to help the motorist find his way. Of course, if the motorist does not know what they are or their meaning.....he is still lost.


-- Linda A. (adahi@muhlon.com), June 28, 1999


From that article:

ROADS U.N., Army dismiss rumors about blue signs By Dorren Klausnitzer / Tennessean Staff Writer Terry Thornton of Nashville wants more information about those blue signs I told you about last week. "I've seen articles on the Web that they are going on in every state. And that's thousands of signs!!" Terry writes. "I find it hard to believe our federal government would be coordinating such an expensive deployment of signs just to make it easier for civilians to be able to better figure out where they are." Additionally, Terry wants me to clarify an interesting rumor he's heard: Whether the signs "could be for martial law in case Y2K brings chaos and the Army and U.N. have to restore order." "Can you dig some more into this?" Okie dokie. Dig I did. And let me tell you, it wasn't easy. I got laughed at and transferred four times when I called the United Nations in New York before finding spokeswoman Jessica Jiji. She says there is no truth to the rumor, which she called paranoid and incorrect. "The UN has no role in restoring order in a chaotic world that is not bestowed on it by the Security Council, and the United States can veto any action the Security Council takes," she said.

"The American government has control over when, whether and if the UN will act."

OK, so what's her point? (Sorry, I just had to chuckle after reading that...)

-- Ron Schwarz (rs@clubvb.com.delete.this), June 28, 1999.

These signs are on off and on ramps all over,If i get off or on I am pretty sure where I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish we could get a legit answer........

-- tazz (tazzz75@hotmail.com), June 29, 1999.

Oh we WILL....soon now, I'm sure of it, very soon. Started your Christmas shopping yet? I kinda feel like I'm just gonna 'lob' things at the base of the tree...wrapped or not! That really pisses me off too, 'cause Christmas has always been 'my thang' and I try to live it year round.........I hate this.

-- Will continue (farming@home.com), June 29, 1999.

Linda A., thanks for the article. Ron seems to be amused about your post, I am not and neither will he be in the not so distant future. Here is a link to the original post regarding this activity. I am sure as Will Continue points out we will be hearing and seeing more about this kind of activity in the not to distant future.

Blue Highway Signs


-- Ray (ray@totacc.com), June 29, 1999.

I'd like to point out that we already have little highway signs to let us know where we are and how to get there....no? They are green and white... with milage charts. And highway markers to let you know which mile your at...

And now since that matter has been settled, wouldn't it make more sense to use all that money they are spending on little blue highway signs on something more useful? Like SSA? Or heck, like making sure Dee Cee wasn't going to suffer three day disruptions come January 1, 2000?

-- (hmm@awfully.dumb if you ask me), June 29, 1999.

I can understand the concern about the blue signs and Martial Law. What I don't get is the speculation that U.N. troops might be involved. Assuming y2k causes massive civil control problems these will be world wide, not isolated to the U.S. U.N. troops will have plenty to worry about in their own countries. Priorities are the key. You are not going to abandon your own burning home to put out the fire in your neighbors living room. If I got it wrong please explain.

-- Mike (midwestmike_@hotmail.com), June 29, 1999.

They are definitely "mile marker" expansions: each is linked to the mile marker (green vertical numbers, on the right side of the highway, one marker per mile. Number consequectively (-1 sp) from the west border of a Interstate highway at a state to the east border. Same for south-north border.)

However, these new signs (why are WE paying for them?) are marked differently: each has the highway number on it, the "source" or reference mileage marker, and then is repeated each .2 mile past the first: 260.0; 260.2, 260.4, 260.6, 260.8, 261.0 etc.

No reason for the expense that I can see - although I imagine an emergency vehicle can then be directed more closer to the scene of an accident - as if the nearest mile isn't good enough, when exits are 1-2 up to 4 miles apart anyway.

More likely, real reason is to map the overhead "traffic surveillance camera's" to the specifc section of road they are focused on. however, even then, it doesn't take more signs to do it: the camera can't move, and the recording device "knows" which film is from which camera focused on which part of which road.......

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (cook.r@csaatl.com), June 29, 1999.

Can these new signs be read from satellites?

Perhaps by making standarized signs, automated systems can find the location of congestion and report it without human intervention.

Just a really stray thought.

-- David Holladay (davidh@brailleplanet.org), June 29, 1999.

No - they are verticallly oriented. The text would be large enough - if no clouds, and if the satelite were overhead in daylight hours.

Nope - Not for satellites.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Kennesaw, GA) (cook.r@csaatl.com), June 29, 1999.


If you're concerned about the Blue Signs add some cans of spray paint to your Y2K preps. If it looks like the UN is gonna roll into town make a late night raid and paint over as many as makes you feel comfortable. Personally, I don't think they'll be coming....


-- TECH32 (TECH32@NOMAIL.COM), June 29, 1999.

I've noticed some additional signs going up as well. Here in Florida we have these "Motorist Aid Call Boxes" that are used for road emergencies. They now have mile marker signs attached to them (ex. 22.3). This is in addition to the regular mile marker signs.

I've also seen new blue and white signs, but these are even more cryptic than the ones already mentioned. I was on Interstate 10, heading eastbound. The sign was about 30-40 feet off the road. Most signs are about 10 feet off the road. It started with "SPS 95" at the top and had a lot more letters and numbers on each line below it. There were several of them and they were not at any on or off ramps.

Go Figure. DJ

-- DJ (reality@check.com), June 29, 1999.

To: Those of you who think the blue signs are for directing troops in case of martial law

As TECH32 points out, a can of spray paint can negate such signs. Why in the world do you think a government that is planning out such elaborate measures for "taking control" would overlook such a simple countermeasure?

For those of you who think that the signs are for the direction of UN troops, why would the distances on them be denominated in miles instead of kilometers, which is what every other country on Earth uses to measure distance?

(I know this is futile, but I'm including it for the sake of form) Please use some common sense. The blue-signs-are-for-directing-UN-troops=during-martial-law theory is whacko.

-- No Spam Please (nos_pam_please@hotmail.com), June 29, 1999.

Heck, if you're determined to put a hitch in an invader's plans, don't just paint the blue signs, take them or move them! And any other highway information sign you see. It worked pretty well for the French Resistance during WWII.

Or spend some time celebrating the dawn of the new milleneum by going for a drive in your beater vehicle. See how many of those things you can mow down. Those of us in northern states can earn extra points by using a snowplow-equipped four wheel drive to massacre them down to ground level.

And don't forget the old 4x4 stud hanging out the passenger side of your vehicle. With those little signs mounted on break-away posts being the target, there should be no contest in which is going to give first.


-- Wildweasel (vtmldm@epix.net), June 29, 1999.

Can you imagine what the people of this country would do to a UN troop comming to his front door with a weapon in his hand? Or even several troops? They would shoot the SOB's right between the eyes. After about 100 deaths they would either re-think their plans and go away with their tales tucked or it would esculate to full blown war against all goverments of the world. The people would win. I believe the world leadership fully knows that they are treading on very very thin ice already. Jessie Ventrura proved to the goverment parasites, that the people are very pissed off and ready to take their freedom back even if it means dieing for it.

-- JMHO (JMHO@JMHO.com), June 29, 1999.

dying for freedom??fuck that,I'll kill for my freedom.someone else will do the dying.

-- zoobie (zoobiezoob@yahoo.com), June 30, 1999.

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