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Town Official Warns of Y2K Doom

Among aother things, Andre Rambuad has his own hydroelectric power plant ready to go for 2000.

HANCOCK, Mass.  The civil defense director in Hancock, Massachusetts is urging people to stockpile food and find other sources of water and food before Y2K. The letter he sent out is not your ordinary mass mailing from the government. Town residents say it is alarming and should not have been written.

Y2K: Computer Judgement Day?

I thought it was really going overboard, Elsie Williams says. Her reaction was typical when Hancock residents got the letter from town Civil Defense Director Andre Rambaud last week.

It tells them to prepare today, citing terrorism worldwide, bombings, Y2K  even the predictions of Nostradamus. Townspeople are urged to gather a years worth of edibles, obtain alternate sources of energy and water, and form an auxiliary police force.

A lot of residents say theyre not very proud of this letter. But theyre not sure what, or if, they can do anything about it.

Hancock is a town of only 657 people, including the Jiminy Peak ski resort.

But when it comes to Y2K, its historic town hall only has three computers.

Town Selectman Sherman Derby says the letter is over the top. Oh, I think Hancock has weathered a lot worst things than the year 2000, and well weather this too, he says.

Rambaud defends his stand. I just went a little further from what the normal civil defense position is, he says. That was my own thoughts, about the Nostradamus prediction.

Rambaud was proud to show off preparations at his remote home  including a bomb shelter, his own hydroelectric power plant, and own drinking supply.

Townspeople say he is an eccentric genius.

Rambaud, who is also the town assessor, says his letter was a necessary precaution. Maybe nothing will happen, but in case it does, you know, this is what I recommend.

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-- Ashton & Leska (, June 28, 1999


Can anybody find/post the contents of the letter?

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, June 28, 1999.

I broke my ankle on that ski slope. It was the first time at a ski resort, and I broke my ankle the first trip down the slope. Never skiied again. This is a faily rural area, or at least it was when I was growing up in that neck of the woods.

-- Mike (, June 28, 1999.

Very few pay any attention to eccentric geniuses.

But if it's a sports idol or movie celebrity, many people are eager to listen.

This is America, land of the terminally obtuse.

-- Randolph (, June 28, 1999.


Looks like this poor guy will have 656 people on his doorstep if TSHTF. That will be his reward for trying to warn others to prepare.

-- (, June 29, 1999.

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