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Bees buzz, humans lie, look at all the happy face stories, keeping the stocks high. (Big industry-Government Gross)

in among the zillion signs of failure so far, today you can read a thread, about our nations capitol announcing massive New Years eve mobilization of emergency personnel. Almost four million gallons in trendy California wasnt enough? Can you still possibly think you can rely on *Big Brother* whenever it gets messy?

GIs know that y2k is about, among other things, being able to cover your own butt, if the system cracks for any reason, let alone a scheduled *DISASTER*. All others will soon be saying

Gravy sakes, schnook-ems! (thats you Polly/DGIs, turn to somebody, and ask this now) Do you know how people act whenever there has been a (Big inescapable Government Gap) throughout history?

How can you persuade the people that are near to you, and not PC friendly (the internet is the only way to efficiently sift through the mountains of information in todays world) to (Get Going in Beginning) to have their act together in the next 60-90 days?

-- BiGG (, June 28, 1999



186 days remain. About 4450 hours. Much less until the panic.

-- Dennis (, June 28, 1999.

all you can hope to do is be out of the way when all those y2kpros out there realize they've been idiots.explosions everywhere!!!

-- zoobie (, June 28, 1999.


you forgot the (?) after the "s" in y2kpros, it should read, "y2kpros (?)".

-- BiGG (, June 28, 1999.

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