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Here is Eileen's report on Sunday's demonstration:

We held a loud and successful demonstration in front of the Tacoma County City Building. Channel 7 KIRO covered the event. They took a lot of video of our demonstration, protest signs, protesters and the bikes. They interviewed several of us. We are looking forward to the report at 5:00 PM today, on channel 7 news. We had about 50 protesters turn out, and the kids got real involved. Chants such as "Dignity and Respect, We Want Choice, And We Won't Go Away" resounded through the streets. We got a lot of waves and honks from passers by. Many people stopped to talk with us and offer their support. Thank all of you who made this possible. Special thanks to Victor for organizing the event, and to Janine for getting the press there. Thanks to all who turned out Friday to paint the signs. We will be heard.


-- Chris Bayer (, June 28, 1999

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