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Hi, Im trying to make a vcd from an vhs tape. The clip is about 40 min long. Im wondering what kinda setting I should use to make it fit to cd in a reasonable quality, I always overshot the space, will compression remedy this? if so what would be the min disc space req for a 40 min quality movie so when compressed itll fit onto a cd. Im using ati player for it also I have adobe premier 5 at my disposal. I urgently need some advise on how I should proceed to do this.

Thank you, HH

-- Harry Hidajat (harrykh@home.com), June 28, 1999


A lot of people do not realize what a big difference creating MPEG and Video CD compared to desktop AVI or Quicktime. If you are around the Malaysia region, we can do all forms of encoding from most sources such as Betacam, VHS, Video 8, DVD into Video CD at very low prices.

Please bear in mind that CD-ROM and Video CD are totally 2 different formats. If you are looking for VIDEO CD then you need to encode at a whitebook Video CD bitrate and burn a Video CD with the proper Video CD settings and software.

Then, you need to make sure the session is CLOSED. That will enabled universal playback on any Video CD player.

For more queries, e-mail us.

-- Digital Human Multimedia (wired@tm.net.my), June 28, 1999.

Harry, I to use the ATI All in Wonder Pro Video capture card and software. Click on the advanced button on the VCR settings and set the Whitebook criteria. I usually get about an hour of AVI just over 2 GB(I keep about 3GB free on my 6.4GB hard drive). In these settings, you can also specify the exact time frame you want to record up to. E-mail me is you need specifics on the Whitebook criteria or anything else.

-- Robert(Slide)Snider (rsnider1@san.rr.com), July 04, 1999.

Here's the settings you should use on your ATI Video Player(if you don't your MPEG compression/conversion software won't except it as a VCD): - Open the player and click on the camera. - Click on the settings button. - Click on the VCR tab. - Click on the Advanced button. - Click on 'Overide automatic settings'. - Check the 'Capture Video at (30) fps. - Click on the 'Select Video Format' button. - Image Format 'ATI VCR 2.0'. - Image Dimensions 'CIF NTSC (352x240)' - Click OK. - Check the 'Capture Audio' at (44.1 kHz, Stereo, 16-bit) - Check on the 'Limit Capture' and select the number of seconds you want to record. Remember you should limit the time well under 74 minutes for it to fit on one CD. There will be other VCD files added to the CD when you create the VCD. I usually limit the time to 60 minutes. - If your hurting for hard drive space lower the percentage of free space you want to leave available on your hard drive. - Select 'capture direct to disk'.

That's it. You're now ready to capture your VCD compatible video. I usually have to start the capture process 2 or 3 times because it drops frames for some reason at the start. Also, if you use Windows 98 you may have a problem with the player automatically stopping the capture after 20 minutes. There's a fix for this on the ATI website. You have to download the Windows 98 video player. When you've captured your video in AVI format then you'll need to convert to MPG. I have 2 different programs that I've used.... DVMPEG and Xing Mpeg Encoder. They both work fine and produce similar quality MPegs. There's also a lot of other programs out there that have 'VCD' format templates built in to use when you convert.

When your through with that, you'll need to use your CDR software(with VCD creation capabilities) to create the VCD by importing the created Mpegs. I've used both Adaptec VCD creator and WinonCD.

It took me a while to figure all of this out. I didn't have any help or advice when I was doing this.....I'm glad I can shorten the process for someone else.

Let me know when you've made your first disk! It's always a little exciting.

Hope I've helped.


-- Robert(Slide)Snider (rsnider1@san.rr.com), July 08, 1999.

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