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Hi, I am playing a VCD on my computer...Pent. 200, 80M RAM, 16X CD-ROM, and i Downloaded both Media PLayer and Xing's playback off the CD's are really choppy. I know it's not the CD's b/c I copied the file to my harddrive and ran it and it's fine, except for the occasional glitch in the video due to the copying I suppose. Prob is I don't have that kinda hard drive space, so how can I run the movies from CD's SMOOTHLY??

Thanks in advance, Tom

-- Tom Dang (, June 27, 1999


Your CD-Rom drive is too fast for the Video CD playback. Try another drive or if you upgraded, insert the old drive as a slave and use the old cd-rom to view the films.

-- The Lone Ranger (, June 27, 1999.

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