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In response to my question about whether the local paper I'm asociated with has said anything re Y2K, a reporter friend wrote: "I know someone from 'on high' said we all have to work over New Year's eve and day ... so you name it, we'll be writing about it."

-- Old Git (, June 27, 1999


About time!



-- Diane J. Squire (, June 27, 1999.

The new century will start with Exhausted Workers of America and a big hangover and ... other things ...

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, June 27, 1999.

I see the children are out of school again.

-- Old Git (, June 27, 1999.

Speaking of that, Diane (grinning from ear to ear and knowing better as well, Old Git) Have there been any reports of the news industry having back-up generators, etc. for contingency plans? Those presses don't run on steam! Perhaps I'll call our local rag tomorrow and ask them (this should be interesting, he, he, he)

-- Will continue (, June 27, 1999.

Will, I, too have been hoping that some of the older newspapers have kept their manual presses so the public can be kept informed on millenium happenings. Also, I hope the news stations have generator power for awhile. I want to have something to watch on my battery-operated tv. I know here in Florida the news stations are well-prepared for power outages due to hurricanes.


-- jhollander (, June 27, 1999.

Museums robbed all over the World!!!!

-- Will continue (, June 27, 1999.

We were shocked, attending a city Y2K Council meeting, to see TPTB specifically ask the newspaper reporter to see that problems were NOT reported to the public, and get his reassurances that the print & news media would "keep a lid on" actual "happenings" around Rollover. To see collusion to cover up the truth is very disillusioning.

-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, June 27, 1999.

Sorry: "TPTB"? Thanks.

-- Lane Core Jr. (, June 27, 1999.

Lane, TPTB - The Powers That Be.

When fights broke out in the aftermath of Fran, they were not reported. I heard them given out as calls on my police scanner but not a word appeared in any media. I can see why they weren't reported--copycats are all too common.

-- Old Git (, June 27, 1999.

While on the subject of TV stations possibly having generators, should your electric power kindly stay up at your end, there still remains for most of us a cable provider between these two points, and from an very insiders point of view, NOT COMPLIANT head end equipment, but oh, they're working on it...there's new equipment coming, of these days,..I...heard...

-- Kritter (, June 27, 1999.

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