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Our Sunday paper has a good 2 part piece on Y2K preparation for the 3 to 5ish scenario crowd. Good quotes from our state's official Y2K guru. The 10 crowd won't think it goes far enough, and the people that believe that Y2K is a tempest in a teapot will accuse the paper and writer/s of being alarmist. It's the first thing I've seen with a local source and is one of the better middle of the road pieces that paints preppers as wise and prudent rather than lunatic hoarders. FYI.

-- Ramp Rat (Aviation_R_us@noname.nocity), June 27, 1999



-- Diane J. Squire (, June 27, 1999.

Name of city and newspaper?

-- where (, June 27, 1999.

And the name of the newspaper is........

-- quietly (, June 27, 1999.

Sorry. I'm uneducated in the ways of establishing a link on this forum but the web address is simple. I think the entire paper is on-line. The article is in the lifestyles section. Happy reading.

-- Ramp Rat (Aviation_R_us@noname.nocity), June 27, 1999.

Would really like to have read the atricle, but can not find anything that states 'lifestyles' section.

-- (, June 27, 1999.

Our sunday paper had a y2k artical from Bank One, they have been working on the problem sence 1992 and will meet the 6-30-1999. Very good artical for telling how bad it could get but still easing off at the end saying it should'nt be too much trouble. South Bend Tribune, Indiana

Well as long as the grid stays up things look liveable and still 6 months to go.

-- Rooster Cogburn (, June 27, 1999.

It appears that the ADN site contains only headliners, classifieds and a few other things from today's paper. I used the search engine and it said that the articles will be archived within 72 hours of publishing. I guess one will have to search the archives in a couple of days to get this particular article. The name of the atricle is Ready and Waiting but Y2K should locate the article once in archives.

-- Ramp Rat (Aviation_R_us@noname.nocity), June 27, 1999.

There is a y2k article under the technology heading in the directory to the left of the screen. Perhaps that is the article in question.


-- gene (, June 27, 1999.

The Denver Rocky Mountain News had a series of articles last Sunday and then again today (Monday). All was pretty mild. They did have some articles on "low-tech living." It amazes me, actually: article after article basically said it wasn't as bad as the media doomers have been saying for months, yet not one of 14 pages of coverage was "doom and gloom." Can't figure this out.

-- Jim the Window Washer (, June 28, 1999.

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