Why Video CD V2.0 can't play on my computer

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I have a Video CD that is in Video CD 2.0 format, I can play it on my Pioneer DVD/VCD/LD player but I can't play it on xing tech 3.30 or windows Media Player. When I play it on the Pineer DVD/VCD/LD Player, it give me a menu where i can select 1 for Intro and 2 to movies. with 1, I can go page by page like DVD. Any one knows why I can't play it on my computer? could it be a SVCD?

-- Matt (monstersm@hotmail.com), June 27, 1999


Don't be an idiot. SVCD is too new to be used on DVD players. Give more info on the system and not the Video CD.

-- The lOne Ranger (rutger-s@hotmail.com), July 17, 1999.

Anything I create with videopack 4 does not play on my computer. Even when it is just an mpeg file with no menus. I use the same mpeg in nero and it plays fine on computer and set-top dvd player. Any suggestions?

-- Billy boy boy boy (kilingspam@aol.com), September 05, 2000.

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