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you are pushing circus charlie to the limits!! but when are you guys ever going to finish the game? (i'm imagining the times you did finish you didn't score as high, or maybe you get a penalty for finishing :)

-- Chad (, June 26, 1999


I don't think there is a finish to this game. After 30 boards you are forced to do the trapeze boards until all your men are exhausted (or you throw your monitor off the 2nd floor balcony, which ever comes first) :-)

Ok, back to work...

-- Neil (, June 26, 1999.

heh heh, hey Neil, in my case, I would of been replacing my bedroom window by now, as well as a new monitor! :) Pushing a game to the limit like you 2 are doing is what makes the whole compeditive side of marp so much fun! Also, about those scores we discussed on the TG page, foo! We'll have to bring it to Walter's attention and definitely question them. Funny, I don't even play the game, but by watching the uploads go back and forth, a 10M point game just doesn't look like it's possible. It looks like it could turn into a very monotonous game when your just bouncing on trapeze's untill you kill off all your men.

Regards, Steve Krogman

PS Congrats on moving up so quickly on the decathalon!

-- stephen krogman (, June 29, 1999.

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