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Ok flamers!!! Put down your weapons...Put down your weapons and walk away slowly...real sloooow...At this point this is only the word of one pilot (personal friend)form USAir, "We will not be flying on 9-9-99" I did call their reservation system and they are booking for that date. Looks like another "wait and see". Anybody else have anything on this?

-- BiGG (, June 25, 1999


It's probably his day off. Even, I, a doomer extraordinaire, don't think that date has much significance.

-- Dog Gone (, June 25, 1999.


Lets see if I can read your person and status etc. THIS is not meant to be a flame, It's just that I look at the writings and I wonder and try to see the person amoung the lines.

This is just trick or tic. It's just that I have become fond of several posters and their way of posting good information.

I think you are about forty one, six foot one. And you buy and sell things as your business, and you read a lot. You are fair and square with those you deal with. And you take Y2K real serious and are prepaired for almost anything. You like country life and probably live in a small town. You ask for nothing without payment, and are self reliance.

OF Course, Maybe I am totally wrong. Sure would be nice to meet a lot of people that post here.

Thank you,


-- Lon (, June 25, 1999.


Geeez, how do you do that? Can you tell us anything about how next January will turn out, or even some hot info for the next 6 months?

-- Gordon (, June 25, 1999.


Read me. Read me please! Can scan and send a palm print. Do you take credit cards?

-- Carlos (, June 25, 1999.


A little younger, a little taller, live in a mid-size town near two major cites (long to get back to "small"), everything else is right on the money. That was a good profile! I to, would like to meet some of the people that post on this forum. Its truly an exciting place to say the least.

-- BiGG (, June 26, 1999.

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