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I know it's Off Topic But I think that many of the forum regulars here have a side to them that is inquisitive and imaginative. Anyway, I hope it is of some interest:

Assorted Prophets and Prophecies

I think the most interesting of all are the Native American prophets. They really have a grasp of what we as humans are and IMHO what we should be working towards as a whole. Even if you don't believe the prophecies there are alot of good morals to the stories.


-- (html@guy.com), June 25, 1999


Side note:

In my opinion, computers and technolgy is great. It lends to us the limitless boundries of imagination and evolution. We all want to evolve right? I'd be hard pressed to find anyone who really wants to go back to living in caves and cooking mammoth over an open fire.

But I read in another post: To err is human, to foul things up royally requires a computer

I think the key is moderation, which our world is in sad lack of when it comes to technology. If you can make a mistake, then by using a computer you can make a billion more mistakes in the same time frame. I don't see technolgy coming to grinding halt, but I do see moderation on the event horizon. We need to learn that computers are tools to ease burdens, not to remove them. True enough, for the most part the first nuclear bombs were all done by hand on paper. And it ended WWII, no question about that. But with computers we have managed to build ten thousand more in the same time it would have taken men to build ten more. So you can see what I'm saying about "a billion more mistakes in the same time".

What we need is moderation. And if we can't find it ourselves then maybe there will be an outside force to do it for us. I think that is what the prohpets were talking about when the mentioned "the cleansing period".

Anyway, that is my take on the issue. We'll see how accurate I am in the following years.

-- (html@guy.com), June 25, 1999.

A FEW,have ears to hear'eyes that see.the rest are fuel-for-the fire. ''AND THE MEEK,SHALL INHERITE THE EARTH--AFTER THE CLEANSING.'' WALKING ON THE ASHES--OF THE PROUD & HEARTLESS.--RAVE-ON FOOL,S OOOP,S I MEAN>[FUEL,S]how do i know?the BIBLE tell,s me so. do i hear FLAMES approaching.have a nice day,charcoal-heads.

-- al-d. (CATT@ZIANET.COM), June 25, 1999.

speaking of prophets and prophecies...

Alan's Millennial Madness Calendar List


-- alan (foo@bar.com), June 25, 1999.

The Event Horizon? Is that were the fun meets the sigh?

-- Spidey (in@jam.commie), June 25, 1999.

AH YES, now will come those saying,your offensive;a real christian, never offend,s--check-out who JESUS offended.the BIBLE>JESUS. ALSO SAID.[THE FOOL-HAS SAID IN HIS HEART. THERE IS NO GOD.]YES I KNOW THAT,S OLD testament.BUT JESUS also said I AM the WORD made-flesh. GET a clue ,the ball games-over' who,s team are you on? jesus ALSO SAID>at the end of the age' SEPARATION wheat from the tares, cast-tares into the fire. warning,warning THE clock is ticking.this issue, won,t be O.T. when it,s reckoning day.TRUTH SET,S FREE.

-- al-d. (CATT@ZIANET.COM), June 25, 1999.

Al-d......you're like a three year old kid running around the yard with a lawnmower......dangerous, erratic and creating an ugly mess. You're so proud that you cut some grass that you don't see all the flowers you cut down and the horrible noise you are making.......

The sad part is you really have no clue whatsoever who God is.......perhaps you might want to read on 'the fruit of the spirit'. That describes the true attributes of one who is closest to God. From the things you have written combined with your apparent mental state and overall agitated personality, you appear to be involved in a cult of some kind.

You claim to understand what the future will hold according to the Book of Revelation, and yet you have NO CLUE about the historical perspectives on this book, when it was written and what the early church clearly understood the interpretation to be. It's as if you are applying for a position to teach Nuclear Physics but do not understand the difference between fission and fishing. If all our nuclear scientists had your mindset, the USA would be innundated with silos full of herring!

This modern day 'end-times' fallacy was not even invented until the mid 1800's and did not gain popularity until the 1960's through Hal Lindsey. You are not telling people endless truths, but rather a modern day twist and reinterpretation. The Apostle John wrote the book while exiled on the island of Patmos. He used figurative language so that the people of Israel would understand what he was saying but his foes would not understand. It says right in the first part of Revelation, '.....writing about these things that will all SOON come to pass'. It was about Israel......and all those things did come to pass with the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in AD70.

If you're interested in truly learning and knowing the truth, go and do some proper research.......how is it that so many believers in God openly acknowledge that he is the creator of the whole universe which would have taken knowledge and power beyond what we can even imagine, and then seem to get the idea that this God wants them to be uneducated and wear stupidity like a badge of honour...............

-- Craig (craig@ccinet.ab.ca), June 25, 1999.

unfortunately if we all purchased our Automobiles at the same time and drove the same amount of miles. A faulty odometer set to malfunction at say 2000miles would have nothing to do with prophets! Please don't make the mistake of saying that because my airconditioner broke down today that it was a metaphysical occurence. I can just here the hard core technically educated programmers. C'mon things break, we fix em, unfortunately this is a little larger fix requiring more time and money then we have. My car had to be towed in to the station, did not have the money to give the repair guy so I had to WAIT to fix it. How inconvienent! Please God send money!!! and more time!!

-- DB (dciinc@aol.com), June 25, 1999.

Craig, i,m amazed'you didn,t put me doown, spelling or otherwise. thanks,yes i see, where i could be totally WRONG on prophecy.do you think mankind will pull out of this mess?IS it just my imagination, or is society,not more loveless?if i got it all wrong,i can say ok. i,m wrong.tell me, what jesus mean when he said the things, about separating, good fish from trash fish, & many other things about separation.yes i believe god is love. and very patient with all.but are you saying HE has no standard,s?what earthly father, tell,s his kids,you can do anything you please,i would never want to offend you. where is the wisdom,in that? i thought GOD is all wise?do you believe in the return[physically] of MESSIAH?? just asking.

-- al-d. (CATT@ZIANET.COM), June 25, 1999.


Thanks for putting up that link. I didn't know about that site. The Hopi prophesies are incredible, and now that there is a comparison given to the Sumerians, the circle is almost closed. Have you read any of the Zecharia Sitchin books, starting with The Twelfth Planet? That's where you can find out about the extaordinary historical records of the Sumerians and the introduction to the answers which modern mankind has been searching for. Again, thanks for that link.

-- Gordon (gpconnolly@aol.com), June 25, 1999.

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