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Are there any GI's on this forum in the New Orleans suburban areas, or even the New Orleans area itself? I really need to communicate with some like-minded people - feeling very isolated these days. If so, what are your plans? Will you be staying here for the rollover? Do you have some rural property to bug out to? Thanks for your input.

-- Scarlett (, June 25, 1999


I've sent a copy of your post to a friend of mine in N.O. Whether or not he responds, I can't say. He's got limited personal resources and probably has no bug out plan. It may be that he's not even taking Y2K very seriously, although he is certainly well-informed, since I've been e-mailing him news clips, etc., since last Autumn.

Regardless, good luck and keep your chin up. Hope you get lots of responses (including my friend).

-- M.C. Hicks (, June 25, 1999.


Just to let you know you're not alone in Louisiana. We're in Lake Charles, very close to all those wonderful chemical plants. Have no bug out place but are ready for just about anything, I hope.

Haven't found any like-minded people here either. All my GI family is in PA. I understand your feelings of isolation.

Would be happy to exchange email and lend support. Will remain preparing in Louisiana.

-- (Cajun) Carol (, June 25, 1999.

Whoosh. Spent 18 years near Gonzales, sure wouldn't want to be any closer to N.O. than that. BW in Cajun is BRdB.

-- bw (home@puget.sound), June 25, 1999.

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