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I am confused as to what year the AE-1 Program "Black Body" appeared on the scene. My investigations reveal that the AE-1 was first introduced (silver body) in 1976. Then came the A-1 (black body) in 1978. Then, the AE-1 Program in 1981, this had a silver body. When did the AE-1 program coime out with a black body? Regards Garnet.

-- Garnet Cook (, June 25, 1999


Having waited a while for the answer to my question, I though I would look through this site and others to find the address of a expert person who knows serial numbers and models of FD cameras. He replied today: (in brief)

"Initially, there was only one AE-P brochure issued by Canon, although several revisions to the brochure followed, the black (and the silver) appeared in this first issue. It must be assumed that the black model option was there from the start. Hope this helps.... Regards Joe Arnold"

Thanks Joe. Regards to readers....Garnet

-- Garnet Cook (, July 22, 1999.

Garnet, I bought a black body AE-1 program in 1983 from Olden Camera in New york, so I know they were around then...

-- Adam Siruchek (, August 09, 2001.

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