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I have a Konica T4 and also a TC, both work fine and have good light meter responce with a 50mm lense, BUT, both cameras, when using the Hexar 200mm F4 lense, are affected by light from the back side of the finder. An F16 indication can change to F11 when you put your hand up to the side of your face and block strong ambiant light. Sometimes it's only 1/2 stop off. This may help explain 'funny' reaction when using long lenses.


-- Anonymous, June 24, 1999


Meter Error


The eyecups available for most Konicas really help in this regard. hard to figure why one lens is affected more than others.


-- Anonymous, June 26, 1999

meter error

I suspect that the same amount of light is allowed in through the viewfinder regardless of the lens, but with a 50/1.7 the proportion of light comming from the rear is much smaller (affecting the metering less), than with the dimmer 200/4.

This is an educated guess, so jump in if you know for sure.

-- Anonymous, June 28, 1999

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