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What is the weirdest or worst job you've ever had? Did it pay well enough as to where it was worth it? Or were you just that desperate to make money in order to get by?

-- Melissa (, June 24, 1999


Easy. I sold knock-off perfume door to door. That SUCKED. and it was all commission. Except there was no commision. You had to give them $27 for each bottle you didn't bring back. I made a grand total of 50 cents for three days. Then I quit.

-- Kojak (, April 27, 2000.

i was the easter bunny at the mall two years in a row. it was very, very hot in that suit, but it was really easy. all i had to do was sit there and sweat and let little kids (and sometimes crazy college kids) sit on my lap. i was a very good easter bunny. i'm not really sure what defines a very good easter bunny, but i was one. so nyah!

and this crazy guy proposed to his girlfriend on my lap. ooh, that sounds *really* weird!


-- peggy (, April 30, 2000.

I was a stripper but not at a regular club it was at a 12 year olds birthday party

-- Chelsey Baxter (, April 25, 2001.

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