Why not just movie.mpeg. Why we have dat and vcd file?

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Why not the whole movie is represent with a single movie icon(e.g. Die_hard.mpg)? Who want to view the movie just clik the movie icon. OR who are using any free MPEG player from internet they can just select 'open' menu and select drive E(which is CD-ROM) and click the movie icon(in this example Die_hard.mpg). Why is so important about DAT and vcd file?

-- Putra Sumari (P.Sumari@livjm.ac.uk), June 24, 1999


The files are meant to be that way. It is like asking why Word 97 uses *.doc and Lotus uses *.wdp. They are necessary file extensions so the stand alone players can read them. And in the above example you can already do that with many software video cd players.

-- The Lone Ranger (soldier0081@hotmail.com), June 24, 1999.

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