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Article in Federal Computer Week (May 24, 1999 issue) (It takes a while for the mail to get to me, here at the end of the world).


The Clinton administration last week told a House subcommittee that a bill limiting the disclosure of information about hazards at chemical plants would help prevent terrorism. The measure, proposed by the administration and sponsored by Rep. Thomas Bliley (R-VA), would not allow assessments of worst-case accident scenarios to be copied, either from paper or electronic formats. People who want to read the reports could do so in libraries or government reading rooms but would be allowed access only to a limited number of reports. Environmental advocates told the House Commerce Committee's Health and Environment Subcommittee that the Bill would frustrate grass-roots efforts to reduce chemical pollution and would do nothing to make the plants that use dangerous materials safer and less vulnerable to attack."

(1) COMMENT: If passed, this would also limit disclosure of potential Y2K risks.

(2) Could this be used to try to cover up either a terrorist attack (so that another terrorist doesn't try to do the same thing at a similar facility) or a Y2K incident (for a similar reason)?

(3) Am I getting paranoid? Nah, that's just a normal adult reaction to reality.!

-- Mad Monk (, June 24, 1999


Whew! I can see both sides. On the other hand, most terrorists would already know more about the plant than the reports could tell them. IMHO the plants are themselves terrorism ready to go into action on Jan 1, if not before. Lets see, we have Y2k and the comet and terrorism and throw in a few tornados and hurricanes down here in Florida. Have I missed anything? I have so much to worry about that I am now forced to make a schedule and need to know how much time per day I will need for worrying. It is getting to be a little mind boggling and sometimes wonder if Joe SixPack isn't the smart one. I do know one thing...were I looking to make a move to the hills, those hills would not be in the States. They would be some place in the southern hemisphere.

Taz...who needs a good laff! Where the hell is DiETeR when you need him?

-- Taz (Tassie, June 24, 1999.

Thanks just gave ME a laff, "I sometimes wonder if Joe-six- pack isn't the smart one" LOL. I know exactly where you're coming from! Let me know if that schedule works, would ya?

-- Will continue (, June 24, 1999.

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