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hi my name is cookie! and i like cookies! anyway, i just think that CASEY is hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! oh ya baby! and i also think that billy corgan is also VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY hot! anyway.... if any1 (bescides me ) thinks that casey kinda looks like Zack De La Roch from rage against the machine respond or do whatever ya want! if you dont want to tell me.. FINE THEN! ill just go on and be ME! hehehehehehehe <'o'> (its a cat!) <*(((((><(its a fish)

-- cookie monstar (, June 23, 1999


you are a loser.

-- frank williamson (, June 24, 1999.

oh, so im a losre huh?? well ok.. ill actually be muture for a cupple of minutes.. ok?? well i think casey is cuite... and hes a good actor.. i like him better then ben... ok enough of being muture.... <'o'> -cat says " your a stupid dumbshit god damn mother fucker"

-- steph"cookiemonstar" (, June 25, 1999.

sorry cookie, but you reallt are a loser

-- marty petrozino (, June 29, 1999.

yuo guys,be nice to her!!!i think casey is hot too cookie!!!!

-- Danielle (, July 21, 1999.


-- JENNY (WONKS12@AOL.COM), July 21, 1999.

why cant casey go out with me????????

-- cookie monstar (, October 11, 1999.

Cookie it's good you expressed your oppion. And I agree with you he is hot..


-- M.B (, May 29, 2000.

When I was born My Mom said,"this is my little Cookie" and she still calls me we have something in common....two things...Casey and Cookie! ^_^

-- Vicki Jensen (, May 29, 2000.

I think Casey Affleck is a hot babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Lynsie (, July 27, 2000.

My name is Casey and i think im hot aswell. Im hotter than casey affleck

-- Casey s (, July 31, 2001.

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