Right-wing bad, left wing good? OK

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FORMER FEDS TAKE AIM at PATRIOTS, IDENTITY--A new group of federal cops is trying to demonize patriots in order to make a buck.---Exclusive to The Spotlight--A little known international police organization, based in Loudon, Tenn., is planning two five-day conferences this summer aimed at training law enforcement and military personnel to deal with patriot groups in America.The group's literature concerning the conferences indicate that they are targeting so-called "right-wing extremist groups' in their instruction, completely ignoring 'left-wing terrorist groups', such as enviromental terrorist, animal rights terrorist and Anti-Defamation League-connected groups, such as the Jewish Defense League.A source close to the conference planning told The Spotlight that material produced by the ADL and Morris Dee's Southern Poverty Law Center will be utilized during the instruction. The Spotlight checked with the reservations desk at the Golden Nuggett Hotel in Las Vegas and was told that there would be availability for rooms up to July 15, the day before the conference. The group's brochures indicate that room reservations with the hotel be made 'no later than June 13th, 1999". The group advertises the 4th Annual Covert Operations Training Seminar in Las Vegas as being "presented by the Las Vegas Metro. Police Dept." Billed as intelligence conferences on "Homegrown Extremist", the con-fabs are being presented by The International Association of Undercover Officers and will be held July 12-16 at the Conference Center at the Golden Nuggett in Las Vegas and August16-20 at the Ramada Suites Opryland South in Nashville. "Learn who they are, how they evolved,what they believe, their tactics, their psycological makeup, who they target, how they gather and share intelligence, how they attack, how your agency can combat these problems and what we expect from them in the future", the groups website says as it advertises the seminar. The seminar is for "law enforcement and military personnel who have an interest in or supervise the monitoring and investigation of extremist groups and others who are members of threat assessment and crises management committees" So far, the speakers list of four is top-heavy with former Bureau of Alchohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF)agents, including Gene Rightmyer, who claims to have extensive experience (presumably undercover) in probing organized crime and "right-wing terrorist organizations" in the United States. According to a biographical sketch of the retired agent, he currently provides instruction on these subjects at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, the Regional Counter-Drug Training Academy and various other law enforcement training programs worldwide. Also billed as an instructor is former BATF Supervisor Ken King, who claims vast experience in undercover and high-risk entry tactics. His biography claim he was the team leader of the BATF' New Orleans Special Response Team. The team has been accused of using "excessive intimidation and violence" in it's operations in New Orleans. King completed his long BATF career as the program manager of its SRT Training Program at Fort McClelland,Ala. Most interesting, however, is that he claims to have been a SRT team leader during the Branch Davidian seige in Waco, Texas. Retired BATF Agent Charlie Fuller is the third instuctor to be at the conference from the bureau. Prior to joining BATF, Fuller claims to have spent three years with Army intelligence. He claims to have been a program manager at the BATF National Academy-resposible for undercover and feild operations training-for six years. The fourth instuctor will be Dr. Karl Segar,Ph.D He is billed as an antiterrorism consultant who has been invovled with all branches the U.S. military, U.S. Dept. of Justice,Treasury,Energy, and FEMA. For futher info, call Gene Rightmyer at 888-449-6907 or Charlie Fuller at 888-249-3730

-- KoFE (Your@town.USA), June 23, 1999


At least they used the term 'patriot' instead of 'terrorist'. Utter attempt at brainwashing our police force to focus on constitutionalists as the enemy of the state. They have it backwards. I will stop now, or foul language will start pouring out onto the keyboard.

-- (mass@delusions.com), June 23, 1999.

'left-wing terrorist groups', such as enviromental terrorist, animal rights terrorist and Anti-Defamation League-connected groups, such as the Jewish Defense League.

Those are terrorist groups? Shouldn't somebody somewhere have to be frightened of a group before it qualifies? Please, anyone on this forum that finds any of those groups frightening, speak up. I find the animal rights folks really annoying, but scary?

I agree with a slant that this post has. Many labelled as "right-wing terrorist" are really just people who won't go along with whatever the government wants. The government has a vested interest in defining any group opposed to it's authoritarianism as "enemies of the people". The government doesn't trust anyone that doesn't trust the government. Our neighbors are connected with the Michigan Militia, which is the current poster-child for those warning about such groups. They aren't terrorists, they had nothing to do with that bombing and they would never kill innocent people. They have loaded guns in every room of the house and they are well practiced with them. They disapprove of government intruding in people's private lives. They worry about a number of things that don't worry the mainstream population, and don't worry about some things the mainstream worries about. None of that makes them terrorists. They don't hurt anybody or try to scare anybody. They pay taxes and obey laws. They are damn good neighbors to have even during normal times, and we're especially glad to have them now.

Repression is often done through defining a group as lawless - guilt by association. Casting right-wing groups as "terrorist" because some of their members commit crimes is like saying the Republican party is a den of white collar thieves because of the crimes some of it's members commit. Actually, the first charge is not nearly as accurate the latter. (Equally impolite accusations could be made towards Democrats - I'm not trying to play favorites here - especially with all the real Clinton scandals that have been covered up by the monika thing.) Some on this forum have expressed worry that doomers might be treated similarly. I guess that is how this thread might avoid 100% OT status. I predict that doomers will never face this sort of persecution. Not a cohesive enough group and not a big enough threat to the powers that be.

-- Gus (y2kk@usa.net), June 23, 1999.

here ya go gus.... frightening? maybe if you're wearing a fur, or working someplace like the University of Minnesota, or a animal related industry. these animal rights advocates have burned down buildings, planted pipe bombs, you name it. they don't much care for human lives, but step on a toad......

Meanwhile, ALF perpetrators remain free to strike again, and taxpayers and consumers pay millions of dollars to remedy damage and replace trashed equipment.

In cases of lab vandalism, such as the $2 million in damage done April 5 at the university's Elliott Hall and Lions Research Building, cancer patients and other potential research beneficiaries are especially frustrated that the raiders are so seldom brought to justice.

-- Bob (bob@bob.bob), June 23, 1999.

Any intelligent person realized that the left/right divide was meaningless years ago. It's just a rather pathetic attempt to squeeze all issues onto one axis, and a way of demonizing all who don't agree with you by claiming that they are out at the opposite extreme.

One way to cure yourself is to imagine a circle with extreme left and extreme right joined. That's a lot more accurate in many terms; the extremists seem to share much more than they disagree on.

Another is a triangle with Libertarian at the top, Communist at the left, Fascist at the right. Again, gathering all the corners (extremes) together may be appropriate.

Yours (from somewhere a little above centre on the triangle!)

-- Nigel Arnot (nra@maxwell.ph.kcl.ac.uk), June 24, 1999.

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