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What's the deal ? Carrots ? To eat ? or you grow them ? or....OH ! I know why you like carrots now ! Why don't you tell us about it, Carrotgirl ? Do you peel them first ? Eat them afterwards ? Which end do you prefer ? Do you scream out "Bugs Bunny" while you are "carroting" ? 1 carrot or 2 ? Big carrots or little ones ? C'mon....tell us, we want to know !

-- hernando cortez (, June 23, 1999


Hey Fucknut. You wanna do a little research the chick has red hair, you dumb ass. How lonely are you anyway? Look, if you can no longer wack off to the latest copy of Playboy then I suggest you try a sex line or something. We already know you can type with one hand. So I'm sure you can dial a number as well. Aren't you late for your loser convention?

-- Cindy (LIZZARDQUEEN7@HOTMAIL.COM), June 24, 1999.

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