Extracting audio portion from a VCD

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Hi, does anyone know how to extract just the audio portion - say a particular song from a Video CD? Is there such a software for Win95/98? Thanks!


-- Steve Tang (stang@pica.army.mil), June 23, 1999


Cinax iFilm Edit will do this. It's an easy to use editor which allows you to mark a certain passage of a mpeg-file and save the content in a new file as video, audio or combined. Since you want to extract audio, the created file would be an *.mpa file. It can be played using WinAmp. If you want, you could convert it into wave format (and maybe make an mp3 out of it). iFilm Edit is available on the web as a trial version, although that version is limited in some ways. I forgot the url (www.cinax.com?), but if you can't find it drop me a line and I'll look it up for you. Hope it helps :-)

-- Jeroen van Kempen (JvanKempen@gmx.net), June 23, 1999.

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