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1) space for web backups, do-it-yourself 2) web backups, automated by some software so all you have to do is log on 3) bundle with ISP software and the client can just dial in at 3am and update your backups 4) add "memo pad" capability - the ability to go to your space and use a web browser to write memos to yourself, save articles/URLs you find while browsing...this would be best if bundled into the browser or written as a plug-in to the browser 5) implment a seamless file system which uses the browser to allow the person to use the web space as a part of their hard drive. then you could also provide "rent an application" - applications you pay for when you use them rather than buying, installing, etc.

if you are serious about doing some thinking about this, check out:

for connectivity: http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/990622/co_verio_c_1.html

for storage: http://cbs.marketwatch.com/archive/19990622/news/current/seg.htx?source=blq/yhoo&dist=yhoo

we'd also need a few servers, a full database implementation like oracle...

-- Anonymous, June 23, 1999



Web Storage

-- Anonymous, June 23, 1999

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