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I was just thinking...I think that it would be great if we all got together for a really nice afternoon jog, like the kind where we could meet in the morning, like at someone's house and we could all have peanut butter and grape jelly sangwiches on wonder bread with the crusts cut off, and I could bring yoo-hoo's for everybody to drink and then we could laugh and tell each other secrets about ourselves, and then we could stretch our hamstring, and our calves, and we could start our jog. All of us jogging down the streets, and right through the morning traffic rush hour, we could jog and run between the cars, and throw pictures of Casey into the open sunroofs of the cars we pass, and we could sing and cheer "c-a-s-e-y casey casey that's our guy" and we could really cause a mess of the traffic. I mean we could run in front of busses and 18 wheelers and make everybody stop short, and they'd yell at us, at first, but then they'd hear the cheer and they too would start in with "c-a-s-e-y Casey Casey thats our guy." and soon between all of us, we could get like the entire highway screaming the cheer, and we could throw and dump pictures of the both Affleck brothers (especially Casey) onto the street and we could throw them into the open windows of the drivers of the 18 wheelers (like Sylvester Stallone in the movie "Over the top"...hey maybe casey can play Sylvester Stallone's kid in "Over the Top 2--still on top" but now thae kid is older, and still an arm wresler!) and we could run until we were tired. Then, we'd sit down on a grassy patch on the side of the highway...and we could jsut take a big casey nap.

what do you guys think???

-- jimmy jam (, June 23, 1999


jimmy, you suck balls! you are such an idiot. I think that your postings are inane, and that you have the mental capacity of a three year old dachsund. i have been reading your last few postings and have formulated a rough sketch of who you probabky are- male, 18-27, big like a football player but with a very small "package", from the northeast, working somewhere in the bowels of the mailroom at a corporation like Xerox, single, noone to love or who loves or even likes you except your mama, drive a beat up lincoln becayse you think its ghetto-cool, a high school dropout who likes to eat bratwurst on pumpernickel bread. oh yeah, you also probably smell. fuck off! PS- anyone who writes you and says you are funny and e-mails you is probably a fat, smell 19 year old girl who sits at home eating bonbons and fantasizes how great it would be if she was brad pitts girlfriend.

-- frank williamson (, June 23, 1999.

Frankie, So, I think that your comin' down way to hard on JJ, ya know ? I mean like what he's sayin' is like, a good idea, like ....whatever ! You don't got any great ideas for any casey events do you ? A-duh ! So, anyway like I live close to NYC in new jersey but like I never really been there, except once when I was a kid and went to rockafeller center to ice skate. Whatever...but we could all meet up and like go dancin' where casey hangs out...and maybe we could get some x or some k and like just party...

-- r.u. ahora (, June 23, 1999.

Usually I like to avod confrontation, but I just HAVE to say something here. Aren't you the loser who told some bullshit story about being in the county jail!? County? Do you pick up your dates in the "General Lee?" Can you even spell Trailer trash? JJ's postings are the only thing that makes this site remotely entertaining.

PS No one noticed you were gone.

-- (CARROTGIRL14@HOTMAIL.COM), June 23, 1999.

Like, I know this is like, so late, to like, reply to your like, lame post, and like, I know you are like, a valley girl on like speed, but like, JJ's posts sound like, a lot more like interesting that like yours, or whatever.

PS. could you like, say like, one sentence without like, the like improper use of like?

-- Naia (, December 20, 1999.


-- *me* (, May 29, 2000.

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