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Several people have written who have defective Digitrax DH121's and I have seen some of these myself.

I spoke with Digitrax and they admit that there was a problem with DH121's. They want to make everything right. They encourage you send in your defective DH121 and they will replace it.

In the two defective DH121's I have seen, the decoder appears to test fine on a Loy's Toys decoder tester, but when a light bulb is attached to the front headlight output, it is extremely dim. So if you have some DH121's that you haven't installed in a loco yet, first try attaching a headlight to it and see if it lights. If it does, do a temporary install on an easy loco and see if it goes. Check all the ones you have. Send in those that don't work.

The problem has been resolved so any new DH121's you get should be just fine.

Digitrax encourages you to call them if you have a problem. They assured me they will get back to you. It was the next day before they returned my call, but return it they did. They have always demonstrated the desire to resolve whatever issue I have had.

Digitrax has a service and technical support department. Usually, you should try them first. You will get a much quicker response. If you have problem and things are not going smoothly, ask for AJ. He's VERY busy, and no doubt the reason it was the next day before I was called back, but he will get to the bottom of your problem.

All companies deserve a chance to remedy a problem you have with them before you spam them on the net.

Allan Gartner "Wiring for DCC"

-- Allan Gartner (, June 23, 1999


Hi, I have been experiencing the same difficulties with Digitrax DH121 decoders and Iam trying to resolve the issue via sending e-mail and phone conversations with John at Digitrax. He has been helpful and usually responses to my queries within 24 hours. So far I still need to get my clubs particular bugs worked out. I am a member of the GRATIOT VALLEY R.R.CLUB in Mt.Clemens Michigan and we are hosting the NCR NMRA CONVENTION HERE IN OCTOBER. Our resident electronics guru is John Reik;he is over taxed trying to get our block detection up and running and holding down a full time job too. So I thought I would try to use my limited skills in electronics to help out. Last Monday, we had our regular third-Monday-of-the month run night and about 1&1/2 hours into the operations locos began to lose their addresses. I would check them on the PR1 and they had lost their address and changed from 28 speed steps to 14 and lost analog capability. After disasembly, 3 DH121decoders would not pass the forward and reverse test on a LOY'S TOY'S TESTER. I have yet to use your suggested test method. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

-- Audie Adrian Mansfield (, June 23, 1999.

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