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You will need RealAudio to listen (sorry, Diane. Any chance of you getting some speakers to go with that setup of yours?)

Mike lined up several very interesting guests for Rense to interview. For those that can't listen to archived interviews, I will do a brief synopsis later.

-- OR (, June 22, 1999


and a sound card?

-- OR (, June 22, 1999.

any chance of a transcript - my ISP doesn't like to carry long ausio files??


-- Same as b4 (, June 22, 1999.

Well, I just listened to the above radio show on Real Audio, and it is a hair raiser! Everyone that can do so should schedule some time to hear this presentation. The show is from June 20th, and although it runs 2:50 there are a lot of commercial breaks, which you can fast forward through, and the first 2 sections are the most important. For those who haven't started to take advantage of the Real Audio software, just go to the site and look for the free download button if you don't have it already installed. Download of the Real Audio software only takes about 20-30 min. I bought a CD software package from Comp USA for this, as it then loads quickly and can be easily taken out or reinstalled if you make some changes to your programs later on. But either way, set yourself up for this. Once you connect to the audio show it plays in real time, meaning it is not actually downloading the entire show, but only enough to keep the flow continuous, and the audio quality is very good. The show covers all the major areas we talk about including some very black news about power stations, and various city, state, and Fed government systems. Apparently, Oregon is not going to make it, according to this show, and at best will have a stand-alone mission critical system, unable to connect to any outside exchanges of information. At lot of stuff like that is talked about by some programmers. During the call-in segment, there was one polly that sounded exactly like any of our resident birds, claiming it was all overblown, and please name the power station, (a coal unit) and did they tell NERC about their problems. Of course, in my mind, NERC knows all about these troubled units. I don't think there is any holding back of reality within the reporting system of NERC. But as we know, the details of reports are never published by NERC, only the broadest brush overview of progress. Anyway, if you weren't biting your nails before, you will be after listening to a couple hours of the show. BTW, even Lane Core was mentioned regarding the 9999 issue, since he had written a very good piece on that which is available on his own website or Westergaard archives.

-- Gordon (, June 22, 1999.

On his website, Adams claims that "new developments now mean the public may be put at risk to protect power industry profits."

Want to know what those developments are? Well, you have to become a member to find out. So there's a fee for information. See the irony here? Adams claims the public is at risk to protect profits. Yet he charegs for the information that people might be able to use to "protect themselves."

Goes to credibility, my friends. Goes to credibility. If Adams wants credibility he needs to pull a Jim Lord. At least he published his book online for everyone to read free of charge, as long as they had Internet access.

-- Shooter (, June 22, 1999.

Anyone who wants a synopsis at-length can email me and I will send it to you. This is not a verbatim-transcript.

-- OR (, June 23, 1999.

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