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The first dinner meeting was a big success. Eight people attended and we spent about 2 hours discussing topics ranging from Town/City preps, Govt DGI's, Power, survivability of cities, gardening, heat, and relocation.

All in all it was a fun evening. We decided that we will have our next meeting in July. The discussion topic will be "Individual Preparations"

If anyone else is interested in attending the next meeting send me an e-mail.

-- ExCop (, June 22, 1999


As helping people out this winter with heating, is high on my priority list, if you can share some of the topic ideas at your meeting, I will appreciate it > Thankyou in advance

-- Michael (, June 22, 1999.

Congratulations and appreciation to ExCop for pulling this one off. Its not only a hoot to finally meet the other "handles", but it also goes a long ways towards cementing those bonds that will be important to us in the coming months. As much as I have enjoyed meeting people across the country and the world on this forum, I also want to know who is within shouting distance.

Michael - One of my dilemmas has been how to heat the back bedrooms (single floor, ranch) with just a fireplace wood-burning insert. I have been looking for an affordable alternative that would not involve professional installation or risk carbon monoxide poisoning. ExCops recommendation, which I ordered last night after the dinner, is the heat-activated fan ($99) from The doors will still have to stay open into the hallway, but it should definitely help take the edge off.

-- Brooks (, June 22, 1999.

FYI- I got the SportsmansGuide catalog in the mail "just to browse" and see what they had: they have a "collapsible stove" for $39.97. It says "attach stove pipe (not included) to the 4" exhaust opening and you can use it in enclosed areas like your fish house or hunting shack...with proper ventilation." It works with wood or coal and has sturdy self-locking legs that raise it off the ground (steel). I was thinking it might be used for "heat" also (besides cooking). Anyone see this, too? Also, as far as the New England meeting, any meetings in the Tri-State area that anyone knows about?

-- NSmith (, June 22, 1999.

Another heating Idea (just came to me) : Aladdin Lamps put out a fair amount of heat (100 degrees +) at the chimney. Put on low burn in a room it should keep the temp up to a reasonable level. This would probably be a good solution for a house with out access to wood heat

-- ExCop (, June 22, 1999.

Sorry excop, not in Wyoming in January. Frozen, bursting pipes, unless the water is shut off. If you're 'Northern' think twice. My folks will put up a canvis hunting tent around the wood cook-stove they'll vent into the fireplace flue. Water will be shut off and stored near by, so as to avoid freezing. Canned goods must be protected as well. Are we having any fun yet?

-- Will continue (, June 22, 1999.

Sorry Will, I should have clarified "access to wood stoves in rooms where elderly folks are staying" (I was attempting to respond to Brooksbie) Thanks again for alerting me!

-- ExCop (, June 23, 1999.

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