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I got a VCD from a friend but it is defective!! My DVD-Player only reads it as a CD!! So I tried to burn a new VCD but it didn't work!!! So please tell me again how to do it!! Where can I get the dat2mpg???

Thanx Ole

-- Ole (, June 22, 1999


The VCD your friend gave you is ok. Your DVD player can not read CD-R or CD-RW movies. Basically if you want a copy of another CD you use a CD Copier program like CD Copier from Adaptec. DO NOT DRAG AND DROP FILES INTO THE DISC. As for Dat2Mpg well, I never use it so i do not know where to get it.

-- Will Shakes (, June 22, 1999.

As you haven't mentioned the brand of DVD player you're using, I can't be absolutely sure that the player's at fault. If you want Dat2Mpg you can find it at Make sure you extract the Mpeg file first and make a completely new VCD from there. Importing a DAT file directly into VCD recording software usually works but you end up with a file with uneccessary content (extra file headers and other junk).

-- Dave Brooks (, September 17, 1999.

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