240 lens for 8x10 neg enlargements??

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I have an 8x10 enlarger that is optimized with a 240mm lens. While there are a few 240mm lenses available, the Nikkor 240mm 5.6 is priced far and above the rest. This lens retails at 2000.00!! What is the big deal about this lens? My philosophy has always been "get the best enlarging lens" but this is a huge difference. Any comments on this lens??


-- richard w (richardwarren@rcn.com), June 22, 1999


Having printed with one I found the light falloff towards the edges with 8x10 negs a real pain in the backside. When I went to a 300mm the problem cleared up. That said, the 240 gives good results with sharp images as long as I got in the habit of burning in all corners & edges a bit.

-- Dan Smith (shooter@brigham.net), June 22, 1999.

The 240mm Rodagon covers 810 and lists for $1880.00. We could also make the list over 2K but since we sell so many Rodenstock makes a lot of them and supply and demand keep the price lower. It can also be delivered from stock.

However the mural lenses have far less demand so a 240 Rodagon G is $2900.00 list. It also can be delivered from stock but would be inferior for normal print sizes to the Rodagon. Price alone does not denote the best lens for a purpose.

-- bob salomon (bobsalomon@mindspring.com), June 22, 1999.

All modern 810 enlargers are at least capable of using a normal lens. That would be either the 300 or 360mm.

Are you actually using a 45 Beseler with the 810 conversion?

If so the enlarger is not "optimized" for a 240 but has too short a column for a normal lens for an 810 enlarger and can only accept a short lens like a 240mm.

-- bob salomon (bobsalomon@mindspring.com), June 22, 1999.

Would some of the F9 (a little dark) Nikkor process lenses for sale on Ebay work? I've seen 240mm-360mm examples go for less than $400.

-- sheldon hambrick (shambric@us.oracle.com), June 22, 1999.

The process lens Apo-Ronar F9 240 mm (Klimsch) makes a good job with 8x10. It4s interesting that it4s only one stop darker than Rodagon F5,6 240 mm.

-- Jan Eerala (jan.eerala@itameri.net), June 22, 1999.

I believe Bessler sells a 240 mm apo enlarging lens that is produced by Rodenstock that is for their 8 x 10 conversions to their 4 x 5 enlargers (that are really not on 8 x 10 columns as Bob previously said.) Don't know much about the lens, but the price is more than reasonable. Are these in fact manufactured by Rodenstock ?

-- Michael Kadillak (m.kadillak@worlnet.att.net), June 22, 1999.

No this is anything but an enlarging lens. It is an Apo Geragon wide field process lens and is, like any other process lens, an inferior performer to a true enlarging lens.

One thing to also remember with a process lens shorter than 600mm is it is designed to perform optimally only at f22. This can easily result in reciprocity failure in enlarging. An enlarging lens performs optimally at larger apertures which prevents reciprocity pr

-- bob salomon (bobsalomon@mindspring.com), June 22, 1999.

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