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i am an architectural photographer, and have been using the same old workhorse rodenstock 135, nikkor sw 90, and cambo monorail for 20 years, so i am pretty out-of-touch with both equipment and lenses these days. i'm trying to pick up a good used 210 for my 4x5, and have been shopping at ebay to try and save some money. my need for such a long lens is quite rare, but critical (i must return the nice schneider i have "borrowed" for the past several years). i was hoping for a 5.6 nikkor w or similar, but they are quite expensive at around $500 in really good condition. after reading the results of recent lens testing (website referred to in some previous questions here), i feel like i may be able to consider some older, less expensive lenses without losing any particular amount of clarity "on-film". i am looking at a fujinon L series 210/5.6 in copal, but dont know this lens - can anyone tell me about the L series lenses? i am also considering one of caltar's compact lenses - the 210/6.8 HR - how good is this lens? any other suggestions, or helpful information from you equipment experts out there would be much appreciated. thanks.

-- jnorman (jnorman@teleport.com), June 21, 1999

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