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I want to thank Stan Faryna for acting as host of the Northern Virginia Y2K gathering. Those in attendance seemed to enjoy the evening. One of the most pleasant surprises was discovering a contingent of "closet" Monty Python fans.

Now, if we could just retain the spirit of good humor and graciousness on this forum....


Mr. Decker

-- Mr. Decker (, June 21, 1999


Good idea Mr. Decker. And with that in mind, all forum operators will go under a new name... "The Moderators Who Say 'Ni' ".

And the rest of you people can just bugger off!!

-- (one pound@migratory.coconuts), June 21, 1999.

Hey Decker, do you remember the old FAWLTY TOWERS episodes? Somehow, I think that you would be marvelous in the role of "the Major" -- you know, the old, senile coot that couldn't see (nor think) very well.

-- King of Spain (, June 21, 1999.


I had you pegged as more a Benny Hill fan... or Playboy channel. I never watched "Fawlty Towers." Sorry.


-- Mr. Decker (, June 21, 1999.

I'm glad Ken came down, but regret we didn't have more of a chance to talk. I guess that is the disadvantage of trying to make sure that everyone is having a good time. Too bad Ken couldn't stay longer (but I understand that the drive home was as long as it was coming down), Carla Emery joined us for some supper by light of my Aladdin. We never did get the Petromax to work, however. Some of us will have to drive up to Ken's neck of the woods and accept his invitation for ale, etc.

I was remiss in forgetting to bring the Romeo and Juliets and didn't have a chance to uncork the chilled bottles of Baron Rothschild as we seemed to be lacking cups. So you all have my apologies. I will make it up to you at the next get together. I'm not sure though when that will be, but perhaps in July or August. I'll wait until enough people want it bad enough to press me on it. Interestingly enough, the Hyatt-ites outnumbered the Yourdon-ites by a ratio of five to one.

Sally Strackbein (a wonderful, generous lady with a big smile) of demonstrated an interesting and nutritious meal of canned foods as well as had us knead our own pan bread. Sally's big thrill was when Carla bought one copy each of Sally's Y2K cookbook for each of her children. So if you want to get a highly recommended cookbook, you better head on over to her web site or email her soon. Most of us picked up a copy of Sally's Y2K cookbook, including myself.

While I arrived late to Carla's seminar (couldn't find a dog sitter), perhaps Bingo1 or Walt will tell us about some of the topics that she covered. One of the nice things about her presentation is that she had most of the equipment that she talked about from grain grinders to solar panels. Carla also had piles and piles of books to offer (beyond her own). I picked up a copy of The Encyclopedia of Country Living, the Humanure guidebook, and a small pamphlet on building cold boxes.

Sincerely, Stan Faryna

-- Stan Faryna (, June 21, 1999.


I enjoyed meeting your dog! (I enjoyed meeting Stan and Meg too.) The gathering was great fun. It's good to attach faces to the handles.

-- Sally Strackbein (, June 21, 1999.

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