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Hi! Idon`t know if you get this question a lot but i want to know how it is to be Ben`s brother now that he is famous? I saw you in Good Will Hunting by the way! I like that movie so much! How old are you? Have you been in some other movies? That`S all i want to know right now! bye!

-- Terese Balck (, June 20, 1999


you might want to ask ben that same question, considering that casey is gaining in popularity. and besides have you ever thought that that if casey were popular first , how would the situation be diferent.

-- cathy hawkins (, March 15, 2000.

It probably gets pretty tiring answering that question all the time. (Even though he and Ben are very close- and he's very proud of his brother's accomplishments- Casey is his own person). He is a very very talented actor and deserves recognition for THAT instead of being referred to as "Ben 'the famous actor's' little brother" all the time. Casey is just as talented as Ben and will prove that to everyone once he starts getting more/larger roles. By the way, Casey is 24 this year. He'll be 25 on August 12th (born in Falmouth, Mass. in 1975). He has been in other movies besides Good Will Hunting (although that, in my opinion, was one of his best roles). Try renting "200 Cigarettes", "To Die For", "American Pie"- (he had a tiny cameo in this movie), or "Desert Blue." He was in all of those. There is also a new movie out that he has a big part in-- "Drowning Mona." Also, keep an eye out for the movie "Committed"- it should be coming out soon. He is in that as well. Okay, well... I know I am not Casey- but I hope those answers help. Byeeeeeeee! **ME**

-- **Me** (, March 20, 2000.

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