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Could somebody told me the reason of a threaded hole on the front frame, at the rigth side of the spirit level, in my DLC45? It's for an accesory? Perhaps a better spirit level? For an special viewfinder? Compendium lensshade attachment? Shoulder strap? Umbrella...? My psichoanalyst tell me that it's a threaded hole without significance, but I-need-to-know-why-I-have-this-hole-in-this-place to be myself again.TTThankks!!

-- jose angel (, June 19, 1999


I believe Canham sells a compendium which fastens to this threaded hole. It also appears that the hole threading is the same as Arca- Swiss uses on their F-line cameras.

With a little customization, you could use it for the other uses you mention. I had a little hot shoe adapter made which screws into this hole. Makes it easy to mount a flare buster type accessory.

-- Larry Huppert (, June 20, 1999.

I think it's a good idea to share the compendium attachment system with Arca-Swiss. I'm so satisfied with my DLC, and this is a new posibility, unknown to me. Thank you, Larry, for your information.

-- jose angel (, June 20, 1999.


I do know that the threading of the holes are the same. I have no idea if the Arca-Swiss Compendium will actually fit the DLC. I'd suggest you call Keith Canham and ask him. Also, Jeff at Badger Graphics or Rod at Photomark might know the answer to this since both dealers sell both Canham and Arca-Swiss.

-- Larry Huppert (, June 20, 1999.

The hole is threaed to take the Canham compendium shade, which is a little less than half the price of the Arca compendium, but lacks the 100mm filter slot. The Canham Compendium fits the Arca cameras, you just have to tell Keith what camera you want it for. I am not sure about whether the Arca shade will vertically center on the DLC. As larry suggests:ask Keith!

-- Ellis Vener (, June 20, 1999.

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