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I a can't get my PR-1 to work with the windows version on my PC. I am running windows 3.1 with a 9-25 pin adaptor.It will not read or write to the loco. It works fine on the DOS version,which indicates the power supply is OK. I have also had it working fine on another PC with windows95. The only difference I can see is the one that won't work has the 9 - 25 pin adaptor.

-- Rex Elmes (, June 19, 1999


Rex, The connecter may be the problem - but more than likely the WIN 3.1 serial port driver is the culprit. I haven't done any WIN 3.1 work in so long, I can't really help you much - but get with a real dedicated windows programmer and check the port settings. It's about all I can help with on this one. Let's hope someone with a longer history of Windows setups can respond.

-- Ed McCamey (, June 19, 1999.

After some searching the net I have found a fix which seems to work. In the system.ini file [386Enh section] add COMxFIFO=off, where x=your com port no. This disables a 16550 chip used on a 16550 based serial card.

-- Rex Elmes (, July 05, 1999.

Was nice to find this information. I have not been able to use my PR1 since I purchased it. Iwonder if the same may apply to Windows 98 & a pentium3 proccessor? HP-8070 series computor?

-- Audie Bell (, February 04, 2000.

In Windows 98 or ME, you have to go to Control Panel-System-Ports and disable the FIFO buffering. In addition for ME, I found I had to manually turn off (through repeated Ctrl-Alt-Del's) everything but "Explorer" and "Systray" for the Com Port to recognize the PR1. It appears there are a number of things running in the background that try to monopolize the Com Ports. In particular, you cannot have your Palm Pilot cradle connected, even withough the Pilot in the cradle.

-- Scott Groff (, February 23, 2001.

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