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This is GOOD news. Pete Kind is a hands on guy who understands technology, and software failures. You can't BS him. He's honest and loyal to the USA. I very much doubt he has time to monitor this board (but there are probably staffers...).

-- noel (, June 18, 1999


OK... good news. Link, please. :o)

-- Sandmann (, June 18, 1999.

Found one myself...


-- Sandmann (, June 18, 1999.

ooops, bad link. Anyone else got one?

-- Sandmann (, June 18, 1999.

Clinton's new Y2K Co-ordination office: ICC

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-- Ashton & Leska in Cascadia (, June 18, 1999.

See also... for "staffer" types?...

OT: Contractors' Software 'Cr*p,' Says Top DOD IT Official (Federal Computer Week) 000yOA

-- Diane J. Squire (, June 18, 1999.

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